You can create a black hole with 1100 db

Can We Create a Black Hole with 1100 Decibels of Sound?

A sound of this size would first have to be 1098 watts/meter2. This is an absolutely insane force, far beyond what we can generate, and greater than what is created by a supernova known as the violent explosion of massive stars. So this is unlikely to happen.

If we could create a sound of 1100 decibels, that would create a lot of energy and it would act like an extremely high amount of mass. This, in turn, would create a black hole that would reach the Schwarzschild radius, which would create enough gravity for a large black hole to form, and that could swallow the entire galaxy, especially Earth.

But how about a black hole formed under these conditions?

The solution is simple: E = mc2

Put enough energy in a small enough space. The energy we put in causes it to be equivalent to the mass you put in this area. This causes great gravity. An energy as large as 1100 dB would cause enough gravity to cause the black hole to form, and accordingly create an incredibly large field.

It creates a sound wave powerful enough to compress the air at 1100 decibels, and the remaining mass and kinetic energy falls within its Schwarzschild radius, forming a black hole.

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